The view from above...I mentioned the impetus for starting this blog and the blogging journey earlier. Now it’s time to hijack that and get on with some serious ranting. Let me explain my rant style. Sure I prefer to think of these thought pieces and a convenient way to keep track of random ideas as I think of them – or more likely lift them from other sources. As of today (30 Jan 2008) most of the rant entries are scattered…to the untrained eye perhaps. However, there is some method to my madness; otherwise I will be calling for professional help. Back to style: remember the old Dennis Miller shows and specials on HBO about 15-20 years ago? Well, that’s my model…sort of. Curious to see what he’s up to today? Click here. Where would we be these days without “click here?” 

To ensure I don’t wander too far off topic (and to meet current requirements) there is still the portion of a grade involved for the Spring 2008 Semester. While that will not ensure quantity or quality necessarily…reader beware. 

Biographical factoids:


Robert D. Levy
GEO-IDENTIFIER Beloit, Wisconsin | United States

Want More? I’m on LinkedIn and ITtoolbox – there are probably other places but these are the more important networking sites I use regularly. I’m sure careful Google or other search engines (an idea I will come back to and have started on) will provide more information – there are a couple of other Robert Levys out there…I’m not the neuro-bio-physicist or lawyer. 

I would like to keep this virtual journal as something more than a homework assignment or scattered collection of “miscellany.” I’m always open to comments, suggestions, and fellow-travelers in the rant. Leave a comment, and I will respond or reply via email – at some point I’ll set up another email account for the plethora of emails this site will generate…but that’s a ways down the road.


One Response to “About”

  1. Dear Robert,

    I am searching for a Sr. Project Manager for NCI Information Systems.

    This is a very important position for us to fill!

    Do you know anyone? Please have them call me.

    Tracking Code
    Job Description
    One full time equivalent (FTE) to serve as Medical Information Management SME providing program and analytical support to AFMOA South, San Antonio, Texas. The position requires a highly qualified individual who also possesses a high level of personal and corporate access to analytical skills, tools, and resources in support of IM/IT requirements. Medical IM SME support shall include performing the following functions: · Interact with AFMS staff, health care providers, and business partners to understand system requirements and develop customized responses to meet overall needs in a timely, cost-effective fashion · Provide data for and expert analysis of AFMS clinical and business operations using established measurement and evaluation techniques or devising new ones as required · Perform analysis of current communication and information systems; implement corrective actions and develop strategies to integrate new/improved technologies with existing systems · Implement IM strategies through coordination with multiple functional areas and departments · Design or acquire methods for data collection and presentation in the military health care environment · Educate AFMS staff on effective use of communication and information systems · Evaluate and provide expert knowledge to support selection of new communication and information systems technologies to fulfill the mission and needs of the AFMS · Identify and have managerial knowledge of all existing data sources on medical information systems used within the AFMS, or having potential use within the AFMS · Perform or direct the implementation, testing, and documentation of software development projects · Establish priorities and timelines for implementing new IM technologies within AFMOA · Interact with peers and appropriate agencies to share knowledge of common software problems and solutions · Provide or arrange for expert technical advice and support for staff, providers, and business partners · Establish methods to analyze and integrate information from diverse sources and systems · Provide input to the AFMS annual budget plan and strategic business plan in regards to · Advise executive staff on IM procurement, installation, and implementation · Working knowledge of common data sources within the AFMS, to include M2, ICDB, Population Health Portal, ASIMS, etc… · Thorough understanding of relational database management principals and enterprise architecture in the construct of the medical health system (MHS) and AFMS · Broad understanding of primary healthcare systems utilized in the AFMS, to include AHLTA, DMLSS, CHCS, and DMHRSI, as well as the primary peripheral systems associated with each · Understand knowledge/data portal concepts and tools, such as MS SharePoint that aid in sharing information and providing controlled information management · Combine knowledge of AFMS systems and information management principles with major roles of Air Force medical personnel and the differing Corps responsibilities to enhance mission effectiveness · Organize and provide primary support role to Chairs of all IM related activities and committees sponsored or supported by AFMOA South
    Required Skills
    M2, Integrated Clinical Data Base (ICDB), Population Health Portal and ASMIS Broad understanding of primary healthcare systems utilized in the AFMS, to include AHLTA, DMLSS, CHCS, and DMHRSI
    Karen L. Teele
    Technical Recruiter
    NCI Information Systems, Inc.
    New Fax: 703-707-6970 (please use)



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