Thinking in bloc (ks)…


Figure 1, Non-sequitur 8 March 2008


Well, it was bound to happen, I found an idea I can wrap around, get some legs on, gain some traction with, transform the universe, and other clichés. I suppose I had this idea buried in my head somewhere, but sometimes the simple word, idea, or concept can be (or is) the most elusive – stay tuned for the mathematical formula for this!



What was the most memorable part of The Graduate? For me it was in the opening few scenes an older man approaches Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman), and says only one word, “plastics.” Then he goes on to elaborate on this idea. OK, if plastic was the it word of the 1960s, what about the other decades? An interesting diversion…


Back to MODULAR. Well, the word of the week around my house is MODULAR. Everything is modular. What is meant by this? Sure at some level it’s just a way of explaining how everything fits together, is connected, or a way of breaking down something complex. But an interesting article I came across gave me the word I was looking for to explain why this is the it word of the week (or more), and why it matters: architecture, Benjamin, architecture.



No, I’m not replacing one word or idea for another. But the idea of architecture creates an instant mental model of what is meant by something, right? And more specifically, the idea – and I’m not an expert here yet so bear with me, that architecture is a way of explaining the built environment. Among the possible styles of architecting there is a MODULAR ARCHITECTURE style (hardware, software, and buildings – sorry the link isn’t to a definitive definition but a great example). Is it redundant to use MODULAR and ARCHITECTURE as a compound noun or descriptor?




I’ll have to play around with this idea for a little while, but I think this may be it…at least for me: modular architecture is the meaning of the universe*.


I’m working on how this fits in to my grander scheme – and specifically my thesis at this point, but this is where I’m at now. Modular architecture, of course, is only the organizing model or principle, and ideas about how and where this plugs into knowledge management has partially already been explored. Ron Sanchez, currently a visiting professor in Denmark (coincidence or not) is a leading proponent of modular architectures and how this shapes knowledge management.


More to follow as I build on these ideas…

* Sure on an existential and scientific level, atoms, strings, or whatever the current buzzword in the scientific community provides the stuff of building everything, and in that sense is the modular
thing upon which we all sit.


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