Why am I here? And other existential questions…


OK, I promise to lay off the PhotoShopping for a little while, but only a little while. But there is an ulterior motive in play here. We’re all given a certain set of tools to work, live, and play with. What we do with them, however, is supposed to be what makes a difference. Right?


As I skimmed through the trade and other professional journals, magazines, and other paper-based documents I read on a regular basis, this question came back up: certification or advanced degree? Before I started my studies at OU-Tulsa I asked this same question (and others before me) on the ITtoolbox website. (Loosely paraphrasing) “What’s the best way to go with the KM field: certification or advanced degree?” Among the several replies I received to this shotgun query was a range of “it depends,” “what’s the context,” and “if you can afford both, do both.” Well, of all places the IT Certification magazine has an article this week basically suggesting the advanced degree is the way to go. Which, luckily for me, is the path I am on now…although some kind of certification is in my immediate future. Here’s an interesting blog post on the certification journey (and worth bookmarking for all KMers out there…the “official” blog list doesn’t look that extensive yet).


The MSKM will provide the broad general framework for my future in the KM field, but matching this with technical proficiency in an area (or multiple) seems like the way to go. Currently, the program at OU-Tulsa does not offer courses or classes towards certification – or at least not explicitly. So, where do I turn? There are many online, in class, and other venues of opportunities for these kinds of specific technical training and certification programs. Here’s my generic short list for what it’s worth:



Obviously, KM touches and is related to many other disciplines (including, but not exclusively, the technology side) and areas of study, learning, and development. Since my emphasis is on the tech-side of things, I will lean this way for the most part. I will be adding some other areas to this list over time…and when I find that elusive round-tu-it!


Now, you’ll have to check back in another year or so to see if I followed up on any of these; but if nothing else this is a great organizing tool – and basically my purpose of this blog…it is all about me after all (at least for now). If you know of any other relevant certification programs and/or opportunities out there let me know, and I will gladly revised and update this list. I suppose at some point I will move this over to a more permanent part of this blog – next to my resume, etc…but with many other things that’s a ways down the road.


Happy Weekend!


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