KM + Government: oxymoron? And a call to action…


I had a great starter conversation with my KM mentor the other day, and as you might imagine there was much information and knowledge sharing, transferring, and generally flittering about. One of the things that came out of this was my awareness that there’s a need for some professional development in our program (and probably for most newcomers to the field). I’ve accepted the invitation to work with the SLIS-side of the house on the Professional Development Committee (PDC)…so, all you KM lurkers from OU-Tulsa out there (or is this the quintessential Zen site?), send me your comments, suggestions, and ideas on what constitutes professional development for our field. And if anyone out there is working on redesigning the MSKM portal or web face…let me know (it needs some work).


My mentor was surprised to hear that the government has been big on KM for the last several years. Funny what you take for granted. Most government employees probably already filed KM under TQI, TQM, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, etc. several years ago. Well, KM hasn’t faded away just yet, and in fact in the government it appears to be flourishing. Sure it’s mutating and adapting, but isn’t that the core of KM – change that is.


Anyway, before I lose track of this tidbit, here’s a fairly major national convention (I wouldn’t call it a conference since it’s basically a trade show in disguise) where a lot of the major movers-and-shakers in the government KM world meet and greet one another.


The 9th Annual Knowledge Management Conference & Exhibition


Anywho…here’s the notice for all KMers out there lurking on the infosphere (or my meager imitation of that amorphous glob):


Send me your ideas for what you want to see come out of the PDC!

Just add your comments to this posting, and we’ll go from there if we need to move to a different workspace or platform.

T H A N K S !


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