My email is talking to me…


File this one under either TMI or information overload – you decide.


Perhaps it’s the medication, or my email is really trying to say something to me. Consider these provocative subjects (I’ll spare you the links and the potential for spam):



My apologies if you represent or are represented by these products. In that case, you should probably be seeking some professional assistance and that’s not my bag.


  • Brand Name Top Designer Shoes Boots and High Heels Gucci Prada Chanel & More
  • Lovetrain
  • Find a Massage School Near You
  • New Psychology Programs Available Now
  • Tired of lacking confidence because you have a small [their creative typing eluded my spam filter, but I’ll keep this PG or at least R for now]
  • [SPAM] – The Weather Channel wants to put a Walt Disney World® vacation in your forecast – Found word(s) 18 to enter enter now in
  • From New Releases in Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Build & Release Management: Understanding the Costs of Doing It Yourself
  • Summer jobs available at Air Forces bases worldwide


OK, the last one is not spam, but it still has me rolling with the idea that my email is trying to say something to me – do I need to look for a new job, career, and purpose in life? NOT the senders or the messages per se, but I’m talking about the machine(s). HAL, are you out there – in there? Between the Viagra, Massage School, Business Schools, and Designer This-n-That…what does it all mean?


All fun aside, this idea got me thinking about the information overload we’re supposedly up to our hip-waders in right now. Until a few weeks ago I had a distanced relationship to INFORMATION (maybe even knowledge according to several reputable sources). That is, “it is what it is” to parody an NPR story from this morning taking a swing at our national diversion of late. Information was the quintessential other. IT (not I-T) was just something I looked for, pondered, used, often abused, but generally kept separate from the inner me. And I certainly did not have a personal relationship with it. With the exception of an old Tom Waits song that’s stuck in my head now (actually, the intro to “Better off without a wife” from Nighthawks at the Diner – did you know you can also get a framed print of the Hopper from Amazon? Isn’t the Internet amazing or what?), how can an animated person (yes, that would be me) have a relationship with an inanimate object, thing, or it? I love my car, but do I have a relationship with it? I love my computer; do I have a relationship with it? It keeps coming back to it


In the past couple of weeks, and somewhat as a byproduct of this blog-o-therapy, as some of the ideas bouncing around my brain and on various scraps of paper here and there started to coalesce into something tangible – a mini “Aha!” moment of sorts, I began to embrace the inner information in me (and outside me). Well, it’s not that touchy-feely yet; but I have started to look and think about these bits and bytes or stuff in a slightly different way. And this brings me back to the mathematical quandary I’m working my corner in to (or something like that).


While cleaning my email box this morning, was kind enough to offer some recommendations. I’m not sure what their ULTRA-SKUNKWORKS-ish-like algorithm for calculating these preemptive marketing strategies looks like; but I’ve never purchased science fiction or fantasy books from Amazon. In fact, I’d have to say I’m not overly interested in these topics – in case you hadn’t figured it out yet I have enough issues with reality and daily life much less worrying about worm hole jumping aliens with multiple sexual organs (unless Amazon is trolling my junk mail folders). OK, I am a fan of the Star Wars series and Philip Dick. Yet, I still never bought or looked at anything remotely connected to Star Wars or Philip Dick at Amazon. Or is it my taste in movies and literature is bleeding over into my email consciousness and the Elbonians and Nigerians are filtering my kernels?



How and why does all this information, data, or knowledge matter? I’ll save the distinctions for now – although I think I had a previous mental note to get back to wrestling with these definitions and terms. Well, that’s for next week at least. Try this link for some more interesting connections…whatever happened to James Burke?


Well, until next time…see you at the diner!


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