Static Motion…


If this is supposed to be knowledge in motion…well, the mojo’s under the weather and the cat’s hitched a ride to Frisco.


Escher Healthcare


There’s probably a law against reposting this cartoon here, and if there is I’ll gladly remove this (courtesy of the Center for American Progress). It does capture current state of physical (and mental) health, but also hints at many of the issues and ideas that are rotating around my brain these days.


When I’m feeling better I’ll start to sort some of these out. I did just complete a short paper that got the major ideas organized – that helps. Now I’m waiting for the official and unofficial feedback. I debated whether to post it here, but I’ll hold off a little longer…not that I’m hording information, but I need to get it more polished even before my audience of one reads it…unless there are more lurkers out there?


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