This will be a short entry – aren’t they all? This is mostly so I don’t lose this train of thought:


Why do we make the simple complex? And conversely, why do we need to simplify the complex?


For now, I’ll call this funneling knowledge. I considered filtering, but I need to broaden my analogies to avoid an over reliance, association, or dependency on computers – of course this raises the epistemological and ontological problems of these ideas, this medium, and the transactions taking or not taking place here.


No, I’m not digressing this time. This just happens to be a great example of why we (I know it’s not just me but I will personalize this a little to make everyone feel more secure) feel the need to complicate anything. Is it simply for the mental gymnastics? Am I trying to prove something? And why the use of the funnel? Why is the output knowledge? Is the output knowledge?


On the flipside of this, we (and again unless there really is a vast Right Wing Conspiracy out there against me this applies to most people I have known and met) feel the need to make simpler the complex. Again, this blog, in more general terms, is an attempt to take a complex set of ideas boil them down, and serve the final product (objects, things, cooked meals) in a simple way. The less is more mentalité. But it’s not always that simple and that’s partly why I chose the French concept of mentalité to poke fun at the Type-A crowd trying to get Real Simple. It carries (dare I say, conveys) more than just mentalities; it is a whole universe locked inside a single word – it’s simple but that’s just a façade (not that I’m overly fond of the French – I still have my issues with Foucault and that crowd. BUT when they’re right, they are really right – take the French Revolution (great idea; mixed results and problematic on the execution).


Can’t we deal with the complex in complex ways? And to paraphrase Rabbi Hillel, “If I can’t understand the complex, who will? If I am not complex, who is? If so, how?”


For those of you keeping track: I apologize for the overreliance on Wikipedia. At some point I will attempt to broaden my horizons, but for many reasons I really love this website. Not the least of which is the Open Source nature of it- yes, the link is a teaser…but that’s a topic for another day.


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