Information as Service as Thing…


For an assignment I have been asked to mull over an information service – broadly defined, and then analyze the process. Naturally, when you’ve got a hammer in your tool kit all your problems become a nail (or something like that).


As I was considering what to write for this assignment I kept returning to an article and assignment for another class that dovetails in to the larger ideas and topics I will be returning to on this blog. If you looked at an earlier entry on the commoditization of information I posted the other day, here’s another great example. Information services are commodities. Without digressing too much in Marxist or post-Marxist theories, I was happy to stumble across the “thing” descriptor in an article by Michael Buckland. So, if information is a service is a thing…


I’ve added my links or some of them to this blog. I probably won’t be updating this list unless I discover a significant number of broken or missing links via my aggregator…so enjoy!


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