Facts as Commodities


While doing some initial wandering around I found this “old” entry related to something that may be old hat, but still has some legs/life in it. I’ll dig in to your work a little more, but this premise of facts or knowledge as commodities is intriguing.

Imagine facts as data fields in some kind of mega database? In the world of KM (where I’m heading), this kind of reusable “content” is part and parcel of the trade today it seems. Web 2.0+ and other technologies only build upon the idea of commodifying facts, information, knowledge, toothpaste, etc. For instance, Magritte’s “Treachery of Images” reminds us that images and reality are not the same.

I’m guessing at this point that your point is that this “content” passed off as fact, news, information, or knowledge is only a shrink-wrapped version of the Real McCoy. If interchangeable “content” is the lever of the KM industry, are we trafficking in images or reality? I’ll save the content as thing as stuff rant for another time and place, but I’d appreciate your thoughts in this area…before I dig a hole too deep to get out of.


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